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Driven by a genuine passion for helping federal employees gain maximum benefits from their many years of service, American Retirement Income Solutions has led hundreds of clients to a pathway of financial stability in their retirement over the past 20 years. Our team of seasoned financial experts call Texas home, and consider it our duty to ensure our clients get the best retirement plans and financial consultancy for long-term benefits. Our proactive approach – and our in-depth knowledge of the financial industry – sets us apart from other federal retirement specialists.

don fletcher

Don Fletcher, Founder

TSP, CSRS & FERS Consultant

I am Don Fletcher, a seasoned financial professional who specializes in the intricacies of the federal retirement system. After 32 years in consumer banking and finance, I saw a need for federal employees to receive retirement plan coaching where their Human Resources departments either could not, or would not, assist. For more than 12 years, I have specialized in utilizing federal government benefits and retirement systems to maximize retirement incomes.

Over the course of my career, I have found people will reach out to friends, colleagues, and family members, but rarely a specialist in retirement planning. My practice’s focus is assisting federal employees by helping them understand when they will be able to retire. It is imperative to reach that goal and obtain all the benefits and income sources that they are entitled to receive from their years of service. This may sound like the job of an HR department, but it is not. HR departments are there to enforce governmental rules, not to provide you advice. My expertise and experience in government benefits allow me to give pinpoint guidance that HR employees are prohibited from providing.

I look forward to working with you.

Our Mission

We serve with the motto of “delivering the most optimal federal employee retirement planning solutions to retirees and near retirement clients.” We endeavor to create personalized financial plans for our clients to help them achieve their financial goals after retirement. We help clients make timely smart retirement plans for relieving themselves from the unprecedented financial risks in the future.


Our Vision

We are optimizing the opportunities for federal employees to acquire better federal government benefits and retirement income. We have a dedicated team of federal retirement specialists to materialize this vision. Deliver your vision to our team, and we will present you with stellar financial plans. 

Removing Your Financial Risks Is Our Prime Focus

We have a widespread circle of influence in Texas due to our quality services and result oriented approach. Being a federal employee gives you many benefits, but there is no financial security after retirement. Government pensions are not enough to bear your mounting expenses. This is where a financial expert proves to be beneficial for your financial stability. American Retirement Income Solutions has a dedicated team of seasoned financial consultants who give due consideration to your financial needs and make the perfect suggestions for asset protection and finance management.

Proven Financial Strategies for Your Secured Future

It all started 20 years ago to bring forward the best financial plans for the clients. With each passing year, we kept adding more efficiency and better knowledge of our skillset. Now we have industry-standard finance strategies and retirement planning services to materialize your financial dreams. We develop a good relationship with our clients. Adopting the right strategy will maximize your benefits after retirements. Why settle for ordinary benefits with low retirement income when you can make smart decisions with American Retirement Income Solutions?

Our Approach

You will not find too many federal retirement specialists with the level of professionalism practiced here at American Retirement Income Solutions. We adopt a systematic mechanism to assess your requirement and devise the right strategy accordingly.

1. Consultation Session

We sit with the clients to gather their expectations and future financial goals. A basic set of recommendations are presented to the clients to help them explore the right opportunity according to their desired outcomes.

2. Strategy Development

After assessing your expectations, current financial insights, and other finance-related requirements, we devise a fully customized financial plan to provide you with maximum federal employee benefits. Complete details are discussed with the clients to ensure that the planning meets the expectations of our clients.

3. Strategy Implementation & Performance Tracking

Our professionals ensure that you stick to the financial plan and follow all the regulations to keep up with the changing market trends. The protection of your wealth with minimum involvement of risk is the primary goal. You will gain immense benefits after retirement if American Retirement Income Solutions has been your financial consultant throughout the financial planning period.

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